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(or The Dancing Plague of 1518)

Music and Lyrics by Adam J. Rineer

VERY loosely inspired by actual events, and written entirely in quarantine– Sick Moves! (or The Dancing Plague of 1518) is the story of Kamille, a young 16th-century apothecary in the Village of Sass-burg. When the Village is struck by a plague that causes non-stop boogieing (...are they doing the hustle?), ex-apothecary – Kamille Remy – is pulled out of retirement and into action.  Will Kamille save the Village in time? Only a toll of the Church Bell and some sick moves will tell! Surveying a century of dance crazes from the “Charleston” to the “Dab,” Sick Moves! is an original pop/rock musical comedy about the things we turn to when the world turns upside down.

Temple University
Digital Workshop Production

Originally conceived for the stage, this workshop production pivoted to a digital format when theater came to a halt in early-2021. Seeing an opportunity for an experiment in digital performance, I requested that the University provide each actor with green screens, ring lights, iPhones, and audio recording devices. Relying on Scenic Designer ground plans and self-created storyboards, each scene and dance sequence was plotted out with accompanying shot numbers. Green screens were “keyed out”  in post-production and substituted for the multi-layered two-dimensional sets. Using a combination of Zoom, Logic, and Audiomovers – actors performed, sang, and recorded the piece in real-time allowing for an element of “liveness” that otherwise may have been lost. In the end – 17 actors and 7 musicians in 22 different locations across 5 states and 3 time zones

came together to perform this socially distanced piece.

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