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Peter and the Starcatcher

Photos by Mark Garvin

Director's Note

"The Big Book of Tell Me Why" is An enormous white book stuffed with answers to any question a curious child might have. A book handed to me at the age of 6 when my parents ran out of answers to the hundreds of questions coming at them every day. Fortunately, they did everything they could to support and feed my curiosity for the unknown.

    In a time where questions are villainized and the world’s answers are a Google search away, wonder and curiosity feel increasingly unwelcome. Family and community (whether chosen or given,) allow for a safe space to explore the depths of your imagination and curiosity. In the community of this theatre box: put skepticism aside and live in the moment when we wondered how the microwave worked. Ask why worms like the rain. Take a second mentally to log-roll down a hill. It is my hope that Peter and the Starcatcher creates a culture free of cynicism, where dreams can sore, and curiosity is celebrated.

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