SICK MOVES! (or The Dancing Plague of 1518)

Music and Lyrics by Adam J, Rineer

Book by Jason Aguirre

Run Time: 90 minutes

Cast of 14+

VERY loosely inspired by actual events, and written entirely in quarantine– Sick Moves! (or The Dancing Plague of 1518) is the story of Kamille, a young 16th-century apothecary in the Village of Sass-burg. When the Village is struck by a plague that causes non-stop boogieing (...are they doing the hustle?), Kamille sees her chance to restore the family name and business.  Will Kamille save the Village in time? Only a toll of the Church Bell and some sick moves will tell! Surveying a century of dance crazes, Sick Moves! is an original pop/rock musical comedy about the things we turn to when the world turns upside down.